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Wicked Sinners

A Paranormal Romance



Dark Contemporay

Mafia Romance Trio

Fire and Blood

Paranormal Romance Series

Naughty Stories

Dark Anthologies

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My Books
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My Story

Azalea lives with a bunch of aliens, aka cats. Coffee is love in a mug. Cursing and Sarcasm is her second language. Books are her way of escaping reality. She's an avid reader of all genres, but a Happily Ever After is a must.


When her imaginary friends become loud in her mind, Azalea sits down and gives them voices, allowing them to guide her as she writes their stories. Usually DARK CONTEMPORARY AND PARANORMAL STORIES.


Her feline companions sometimes help with her writing and exchanging of ideas; her cats also have been cast as characters in her books as well, making it fun to write them. Azalea teaches in primary school, tends her little tigers at home, goes for bike rides, spend time with good friends, and when life gives her lemons, she punchs it in the face, takes the strawberries and makes margaritas, or goes to Muay Thai classes. 

My Story

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