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A Word of Praise

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Pixie Auri

A Word of Praise is not your everyday book, it is much more. It draws you into a journey and shows you that someone can pull you out of the storm. Kiara is an aerialist and not the average damsel in distress, she’s strong, sassy and mouthy, but a trauma from the past makes her shy from people, and she finds solace in her art. Chris is the typical heir of a wealthy family with everything handed to him on a silver plate, but… you couldn’t be more wrong! As the story goes, you’re invited to share his struggles with his family and a tyrannical father.

Kiara is hired to perform in a business party to celebrate Chris' new position in his father’s company. Chris got enthralled by Kiara entangled in her silks and the beauty of her art, but she has a minor flaw which leads Chris to pursue her and Kiara ends up in jail, but he has a proposition she must give in. From that point on, as they get to know each other, the author shows us how first impressions can sometimes be misleading, and because of our preconceived ideas about different social classes, the relationship can be much of a challenge.

As their slow burn relationship develops, which keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time, you shed good laughs with Kiara’s sassy comebacks to Chris advances, and how she drives him crazy every time she throws him her signature wink. But that is not the summary of their relationship. With time, they help each other find their voices, as the author taps in some other important subjects like sustainability, morals and ethics, and a psychological trauma, dissociative disorder, giving more depth and beauty to the story.

A Word of Praise is a slow burn romance that brings us to reflect on some social and psychological problems and not jump to conclusions, with strong characters everyone can relate to and find a little of yourself in them. I recommend it to everyone who wants to go over a palette of emotions with Kiara and Chris to realize when finding the perfect person leads you to find yourself.

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