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All The Battles We Surrender

Book 3 of From the Ashes trilogy by Garry Michael

Love, happiness, angst, hurt, sorrow and much more. I’m a mess of emotions, not to mention the tears that refuse to stop, and a few times my poor heart suffered a little death.

All the Battles We Surrender closed the trilogy with a Golden Key! I can’t say it’s my favorite, because it’s impossible to pick one in this trilogy. They are all beautifully written and relatable stories, about strong people who are not afraid to conquer love, and with so much romance in them, you fall head over heels in love with the characters.

Jace and Sawyer are a force of nature, and damn if you’re not swept off your feet by them. Jace has a sad past, and a lot happened to him, so he builds a wall around himself, and when his marriage to Sawyer falls apart, he puts a few more bricks up and cements even more that wall. Sawyer reappears after 3 years away and sees that the understanding man who would do anything for him no longer exists.

We never know where life will lead us, and most of the time, what we think we know we don’t. What is true for us may not be for others. Their interaction in the beginning is tough. Jace is hurt and angry, while Sawyer only wants a chance to make things right, and when your life is hanging by a thread, and you don’t know about your tomorrow, you live each day as your last. You also understand that what was once so important is not anymore, and you start cherishing the little things life brings you, like a rustic hand picked bouquet of garden flowers, or a majestic sunset with the love of your life.

Love is trust. Love is sharing the good and the critical moments life throws at you. Loving someone is understanding that inside that person has a distinct world full of colors but also flaws. It’s learning every day what makes that person beautiful to your eyes and working together when trouble comes. Love is commitment and partnership, and it’s exactly what Jace and Sawyer teach us throughout their battles. They learn that the only battle worth surrendering to is their love for one another because it's all they need to reach their dreams together.

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