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All The Cuts and Scars We Hide

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Book 1 of From the Ashes by Garry Michael

Trust, patience and love are the key ingredients of this amazing story set in San Juan Islands and Hawaii to make it even more endearing.

Wyatt was an ex-Marine who was discharged after getting injured in Afghanistan. He suffers from PTSD and isolates himself from the world thinking he is a broken man, and he is better off alone. He has his work and best friends around him, but not even that can ease his tormented self.

Kai is an architect who decided to leave his beloved Hawaii behind and, with it, his nightmares, starting a new life in San Juan Islands. Little did he know that wherever he goes his past and problems will always be with him. Besides everything he had been through, he never let go of his sweet and caring nature, becoming a beacon in Wyatt's life.

It’s a beautiful and heartwarming story of two battered souls, trying to run away from their pasts and finding each other. Little by little, as they let their walls crumble and start falling in love, their healing begins, and they can be whole again, dreaming about a future together.

The story is full of trials for Wyatt and Kai, as they need to fight for their love, but also with lots of adventure and great time between them to leave you hot and bothered, and in need of an icy shower. Their story is sexy and steamy, and Garry Michael's writing is full of romance and swooning. I finished the book a while ago and I’m still on cloud nine.

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