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All The White Lies We Tell

Book 2 of From the Ashes trilogy by Garry Michael

WOW! All the White Lies We Tell is about two men with a common goal. Be the best in the sport they love and making it to the Olympics, but they didn’t count on falling in love when competing against each other. Their story is about courage, overcoming obstacles and fighting to be together with a hell of a lesson in this book. Having a child and raising a healthy human being is not a simple task, and the parents need to understand that everything they do reflects on their children, for bad or good.

Foster is a troubled man who followed in his famous father’s footsteps, but his dad raised him to be nothing less than the best skier the world could have. His life was training, breaking his own records, no breaks, and more, but he was never good enough in his father’s eyes, making it a troubled and painful relationship.

Isaac is an easygoing guy, but being a victim of bullying when he was a child made him hide his origins from the world. His family wasn’t rich and had little, but they had love. His parents did everything to make his dreams come true, but they had a deal. It didn’t matter if he brought or not a medal home. The important thing was to have fun, always skiing with the purity and joy of a nine-year-old, and without pressure.

When they meet at the top of a slope, they can’t deny the torrid attraction pulling them together, and the most beautiful love story starts. They will have to learn about partnership and healthy competition. Foster will have to learn to stand up to his overbearing father, and Isaac will have to understand that being from the countryside doesn’t make him any less of a person. Together they embark on the biggest, better, steamier, sexier, and romantic adventure of their lives, leaving the readers flustered, sighing in contentment but gasping for more, and missing the boys like heck after reading the last page.

They learn that skiing can be fun, and there’s no shame for coming from a different background. Their love for one another teaches them that it’s okay to be comfortable in their own skin, and together can be a better version of themselves and conquer everything they want.

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