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Bridegroom and the Boardroom

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Alina Lane

Bridegroom and the Boardroom is book two in the Phoenician Heat series. Another amazing hit in this series! Each book is about one sister. They are triplets. Book one was about Meadow and Griffin. Book two is about Willow and Gabriel, Griffin’s brother. Book three will probably be about Fawn and Maverick, Gabriel’s best friend, AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT!!!

Willow is a spitfire and Gabriel a prissy workaholic. He inherited his father’s company, but stranger things have been happening since he took over. From miscommunications between the departments, having to be married to become a CEO, to secret letters sent by a stalker. Fed up with all that, he proposes to Willow a fake marriage with the excuse to solve all the problems, and she accepts it to save a shelter she volunteers to, but they didn’t count on their explosive chemistry to get in their way.

This is another fast-paced, page turner story with family meddling and laughs at their antics. Gabriel and Willow are great together and you root for them from the beginning. They are complete opposites, deal with lots of problems, and secrets come to life. Their interaction is full of wit. Willow enjoys teasing him and getting him out of his comfort zone, and when they finally fall for each other, they burn the pages to ashes. They are great together, and she understands his personality and how committed he is to his company, but also shows him there’s more to life than work.

You will love this love story about opposites attract and marriage of convenience as much as I did. The book is a standalone, but you won’t regret reading the entire series. All’s Fair in Love and Leaderboards is book 1, and book three is still in the oven.

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