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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Book 1 of the Five Families Vineyard by Kelly Kay

Crushing: LaChappelle/ Whittier Vineyards: Book 1. The book is not a standalone, and you’ll need to read the trilogy. The story ends in a cliffhanger. It continues with Rootstock and finishes with Uncorked. But I assure you, you’re gonna love it and you won’t stop until you see the words “the end” in Uncorked. Well, I couldn’t stop.

Noelle (Elle) is a New Yorker marketing shark who caught Asher’s eye. A wine expert whose beauty is only skin deep. They have a brief relationship and through him she meets with Sarah and Will. The couple wants a new life, and they hire Elle to boost the winery and make the sale. Elle is in Sonoma, and after a fallout with Asher, she has a wild, hot, one-night-stand with Josh, and they connect on all levels. They part on their way the next morning. Elle goes to her presentation at the winery and to her surprise, Josh was Sarah and Will’s son. And it’s right there the story takes a turn… (I won’t keep going so I don’t give spoilers. You’ll have to find out by yourself, and YOU WON’T REGRET IT!)

A lot happens in this story from love and hate bickering, chemistry off the charts, winery problems, laugh out loud situations, deep shit misunderstandings, and even an Italian mobster chaos. You have it all. Both Josh and Elle built a life far from their roots, and once they meet, they realize the life they built to this point is nothing more than a way to protect themselves from the pain of their earlier lives. Both characters have strong personalities, a lot of fire, and a scorching hot relationship of love and hate.

The world building around the winery is wonderful, and the second major characters are perfectly written. Besides, Kelly also starts introducing the other secondary characters. The people Josh grew up with and have a brotherly relationship with them, and it will make all the difference in this magical world of wine and love. It will make you feel part of the crowd, you’ll get friends for life. You’ll wish to be sitting with them, sipping wine and having a good time.

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