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For Namesake: The Confusion of Allan From the Swiss

Updated: Apr 27

By Blake Edward

The story is about two best friends, one human and one immortal, on a mission to fight evil together. One of them is mistaken for a street magician, Allan of the Swiss, serving them as a disguise, leading the public to think that the special effects from the battles they fought were not more than magic tricks.

Gunther, aka Allan from the Swiss, is a sweet but troubled young man determined to avenge his father’s murder. Ever since he was a little boy, the paranormal world has taken hold of him, and to make matters worse, his relationship with his self-centered, selfish, and mean-spirited mother has only added to his overwhelmed soul. He found a great friendship in the immortal Dekon, another troubled soul, who uses his reckless and rowdy behavior as a shield to hide the pain caused by his father’s abandonment when he was still a child.

An ever-guiding voice and Gunther’s faith in the Creator give the duo the boost they need to fight the forces of evil, and it’s then that readers are treated to an action-packed story filled with crazy twist and turns and epic battles against all kinds of demons, using special powers and angelic weapons bestowed on them by the Creator. But as they fight the forces of evil, they also fight their inner demons.

The book has some criticisms about the true role of the church in our lives. How far do the lines between good and evil cross, and how true is everything we’ve learned?

It also makes us think about our role in our children’s lives. Who doesn’t dream of being a superhero parent? But we are only human, and sometimes the reality is different. If we are not careful, our rash actions, poor choice of words, or attitudes can leave lifelong emotional scars on our children.

It’s a fun story with relatable and endearing characters that grow on you with every struggle of their lives. There are a few emotional moments that keep us thinking about life, but also lots of hilarious passages between Gunther, Dekon and the crowd. You can’t miss this unique paranormal story and ride this wild roller coaster of good versus evil!

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