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For Namesake: The Final Saints of Mad Corn Wallace

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Blake Edward.

For Namesake: The Final Saints of Mad Corn Wallace is an installment of the For Namesake trio. All books can be read as standalone and if you didn’t read Gunther’s story, you should. For Namesake: The Confusion of Allan from the Swiss.

The setting is in a post-apocalyptic world where a sort of weird antichrist rules. Humans had to adapt and battle for their lives. To some of them, the Heavens had granted powers to survive the new reality against a world dominated by evil.

Buckle Up! You’re in for a wild ride. The story comprises amazing battles of good versus evil, superpowers with special effects, mutated creatures, angels and demons doing their bidding, and a group of people chosen to fight the last battle.

The characters are well written and developed a lot throughout the book. All of them have interesting backgrounds and unique personalities, making the story even more fun. The writing is humorous with hilarious scenes, but also a few sad ones. Battles and fights description are vivid, bringing you to the brawl with them, but it’s not only that. The book touches important subjects such as religious views, intolerance, preconception, and situations that doom our world today, making their journey much more relatable to us, and giving us food for thoughts. The ending is a shocking surprise to leave you in a speechless bliss! It’s epic! I didn’t expect how it all ended, and I loved it! More than perfect!

I truly recommend this book if you are a fan of paranormal and lots of adventure that makes you forget reality and fully immerse into another world.

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