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Full Moon and Automn Leaves

A Moonlight Series by Maxine Keith

Full Moon and Autumn Leaves is the follow up on Thanes and Sage’s story. It begins exactly where book one, Motorcycles and Moonlight, ended. The books are written in Sage’s POV and are not standalone, so the reader has to read both for a better understanding of the story.

The couple’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. Sage is the human in a wolf pack and she feels left out most of the time, a sense of not belonging, mostly when none of the wolves tell her anything of what’s going on around them. Suddenly, after all their struggles to be together, a wolf from the past crashes their almost happily ever after, and it is then that the problems start again.

The story is full of conflict, self doubts, sobs and love. Sometimes there are a lot of descriptions to Sage’s everyday routine, like a day in the office or in the pack house and the pace slows a bit, but they are important for the book, because you get so immersed in her life and the pack’s business that by the end of the story you realize how much part of the pack you also are. You get to know all the characters down to their underwear, making every word worth it.

I was thrilled to revisit Thane and Sage. Their story is full of secrets between the wolves, lots of love and struggles between the couple, and their beautiful happy ending, so well deserved. I have loved their story since book one, and if you like long books, full of mysteries, vampire against wolves, strong heroine, broody hero, lots of swoons and love, these are the stories for you.

If you want more of the pack, you can find them in Zeek and Pearl story in The Moon and the Apple Star, my next read from the author!

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