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Her Renegade Dragon

Book 1 of The Guardian of Irylia by Pixie Auri

Ahri is a strong and independent young woman raised in a world under the tight leash of the Faith, a religious party that took over the land. She didn’t agree with their ruling, and a few things called to her attention, driving her to uncover the Faith secrets and suddenly finding out that everything she believed about herself and the world around her was a lie.

It’s right there when the adventure begins. Ahri embarks on a quest of self-discovery where dragons are real, and they are fighting for survival against the Faith. And this journey takes her back to Skye, her childhood friend and protector.

Ahri has a sharp mind for strategy and leadership. She has firm beliefs, and she’s a fighter. Sometimes Ahri gets frustrated and furious with the world and people around her and wanted to deliver her justice upon them, but she has a strong sense of right and wrong, always thinking before acting recklessly.

Skye is this dashing, gloomy black dragon of a few words, but truthful ones. He was raised to be a warrior and misunderstandings in the past drove him away from his own people, watching from afar their failed attempts to fight against their enemies.

Skye and Ahri rediscover themselves and embark on a fascinating romance amid all the chaos surrounding them. It’s a slow-burn romance that keeps the reader on their toes, cheering for them, and longing for their happily ever after, which is beautifully portrayed. Their bond is so strong, built on love, loyalty, and deep understanding that led them to find each other and fight together for a better world, a future where every person matters and has its place.

The world building is fantastic. There are details enough, but not too much, so the reader can picture the surrounding universe without losing focus of the juicy parts. The story is magical, full of adventure, self-discovery, amazing twists and complex themes that can be translated to the world we’re living in today. If you are a fan of fantasy, slow-burn romance, true love, adventure with meaningful themes, you found your next read.

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