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Jagged Harts

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Katelyn Taylor

When I received the ARC, I didn’t realize the FMC was a 19yo girl. Usually, I don’t go for books with such young FMC since in most stories they are barely out of their teens and acting too mature for their young age, but there’s always an exception, right? Jagged Harts was a beautiful surprise!

Aubrey Davis is a battered girl with a horrible past who had to grow up fast to become a force of nature. When life hits her hard, she is sheltered in a MMA Gym and raised by the guys there. Aubrey works hard for her scholarship and moves across the country to Alabama to start university. It’s then she meets Dax Hart, an older university student, MMA fighter and as broken as herself. They hate each other at first, but soon enough their chemistry becomes clear, and both engage into a push and pull slow burn romance.

Aubrey evolves little throughout the book. The hardships of her life mold her into a fighter inside and outside of the octagon, but Dax has a beautiful evolution in the story, mending his broken pieces with Aubrey’s unconditional support.

There is a lot of angst in the beginning, past secrets, and a light suspense and mystery about Aubrey’s past, sometimes a bit predictable, but the fiery will of the characters makes it worth the reading. Besides, their undeniable chemistry renders us some scorching passionate moments.

Kayla and Cole, the secondary characters, are well built, adding to the story as the faithful friends. They could have had more light shining on them in the book since they have interesting backgrounds. I hope they get their own stories.

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