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Lips on My Heart

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Book 1 of Mercy Raven MC by M. J. Marino

Lips On My Heart is book one of The Mercy Raven MC series, an insta-love story between a retired Navy Seal and a spitfire construction engineer. Their first encounter is a big misunderstanding and ends with lots of spiciness. Because of his life, he had sworn off long-term relationships, and because of her past relationship, she had sworn off men, but their chemistry is so powerful that they engage in an explosive relationship, but danger lurks around bringing a bit of hell into paradise.

Maceo is the tall, muscled, stunner retired Navy Seal who is the leader of Mercy Ravens MC, a motorcycle club made of retired Navy men, and instead of running illegal business and terrorizing the neighborhood, they do just the opposite. He knows he’s good looking and how to sweet talk a woman, but he’s not a ladies’ man. Maceo is fun to be with and a protective alpha asshole who’s not the least intimidated or ashamed to shed all the tears for his pixie, making him endearing.

Josephine (Jo/Pixie) is the fit, five-two beauty with a pooch bigger than herself who steals Maceo’s heart because of her energetic personality. She’s a hardworking woman, trying to build her business from the ground after being betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. The kind of stubborn woman that doesn’t take crap from people, but with a heart of gold, always giving everyone the benefit of doubt, granting them a second chance to stay in her life until they prove her wrong. She’s not a damsel in distress, holds her liquor and curses like a sailor, making her perfect for him.

The reader falls for the characters at the same time they fall in love with each other. It’s a two-way insta-love! Their devotion to one another is sweet and spicy, the relationship is full of fun, attitude, and wit. You’ll get yourself laughing out loud at their sassy comebacks, and their massive dog just gives that extra touch. All that, plus the mild suspense and danger in the story, makes you turn the pages, and not even bothering if it’s already five in the morning and you didn’t catch any sleep, and I can’t wait to start book 2 on the series.


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