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Motorcycles and Moonlight

A Moonlight Series by Maxine Keith

Motorcycles and Moonlight is a long book. But man, I’m in love with it! The book has a different dynamic in how the vampires and wolves relate between themselves and how their hierarchy works. Sage, the MC, lives with vampires and has no memory of who she is. Then her master gives her the task of helping the wolves.

It’s in Ace’s pack she feels at home, and all the mystery starts. Ace is the Alpha, a very protective man of whoever is under his wings. He takes Sage as one of them, becoming a father figure to the girl. Lots of unanswered questions keep you hooked and you don’t want to put the book down. Sage falls in love with Thane, a hunk of a wolf, lovable and protective of her, and you start to cheer for their love story. You can feel Thane really loves the girl, but there is too much going on, and Sage gets returned to her rightful family.

The story jumps a few years ahead, and she comes back for answers, meeting Thane again. You feel with them all the emotions of their relationship. The uncertainty, the fear of being together and bringing the past back, the longing for each other, and believe me, I yelled at them a lot and almost threw my kindle out of the window, but held onto it with dear life. 

Don’t think this is the end, as the story moves the mystery continues, with more unanswered questions as Ace’s pack does everything to keep Sage protected from new dangers towards her, and the fun about it is that the story is told in third person, but mostly at Sages point of view, so you are as clueless as Sage to the very ending.

I won’t say that everything was a bed of roses. The book could have been a bit shorter. There were lots of details and descriptions about the characters' daily routine, and that would certainly not affect the plot if they weren’t there. But the plot is so engaging with so many secrets and twists, and the characters develop so much during the story that no matter how long the book is, you want to reach the end and see the characters thrive!

I recommend it to everyone who likes vampires and wolves, lots of twists and secrets, and a love story. It was a great read!

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