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Book 2 of Five Family Vineyard by Kelly Kay

Rootstock: LaChappelle/ Whittier Vineyards: Book 2. It picks up right after book 1 ends. Elle and Josh broke up due to a mob, Sal, threats. They try to move on, but Josh finds his courage and puts his mobster(but good-hearted) client in his place. The winery sale keeps going in full bloom, and Josh returns to Sonoma, to his friends, family and to claim back Elle. There are twists and turns between and with the couple as the winery sale develops. Everything with lots of humor, but also some drama, scorching scenes to leave you in need of cold showers, and lots and lots of wine.

Josh and Elle are a force to reckon with, and when Josh gets into Joshua mode, doing some serious shit, she knows how to stop his childish temper, bringing him back into his senses. “You’re just mine. Where you go, I go. You’re here, so I’m here. You don’t leave, and I don’t pull away.”

Kelly Kay knows how to perfectly build their world and immerses you in Sonoma’s universe. In this story, you get to know more about Josh's friends and how tight they are. They also become Elle's best friends, welcoming her to their midst with open arms.

They are a fundamental part of the story. Fun, loud, and loyal to the core. When they are all together it's a hell of a party and the author masters the scenes with them all together. This book is not a standalone, and ends in an awesome cliffhanger, and you have to move on to Uncorked. If you want to embark with Josh and Elle in this wild adventure, you can start with Crushing, and get ready to be part of the most amazing crowd of friends ever.

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