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Updated: Apr 13

Book 2 of Blood Legacy Saga by Marva Mitchell

Shatters is book 2 of Blood Legacy Saga. The series is not a standalone, and you need to read book 1, Covenants, to enjoy the story, and it’s amazing. I loved both books. It’s not your usual vampire themed story, and it makes all the difference if you, like me, are a fan of vampires and enjoy a fresh approach.

Jade and Lance are perfect together, and their love deep, but the future looks ugly. They were forced to go their separate ways. Lance must endure some trial to have a chance as the new Liege, and Jade had to flee with Vernon and be trained to fight against the evil vampires wanting to be on top of the food chain, rule over the entire world. Jade grew so much since book one, becoming a force of nature, as well as Lance discovering his inner strength and the streak of a leader on the rise.

The story is fast-paced, with lots of twists and turns, powerful beings, and different species of vampires. Jade and Lance fight hard for their love and the future of everyone. Lots of tension to keep you on your toes, sweet moments to swoon you, but also sad ones to make your heart heavy, but also help them shred their enemies. Vernon is a wonderful secondary character, all mysterious and broody, who falls in love with Jade, but he keeps his promise to protect her with his life.

When you think they got to be together and happy, the story ends in a major cliffhanger to leave you guessing and biting your nails until the next story in the series hits the shelves. I’m in love with Blood Legacy and cheering for Jade and Lance's future, eager to get to know more about Vernon and hoping he gets his happy ending. This Saga is a must read!

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