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Sunshine and Moonlight

A Moonlight Series by Maxine Keith

"Sunshine and Moonlight," authored by Maxine Keith, is a gripping tale of fated love and the struggle against destiny. This novel is the 5th in this series, and hopefully not the last. Ace still needs his happily ever after. Trinity and Dixon are two wolves caught in the turmoil of their predestined bond.

Trinity is a complex character. Stripper by profession, she's also a wolf shifter on the run from her past and her former pack. Her life is a continuous challenge, filled with trust issues and dangerous secrets. Her strong will and iron resolve are evident, but these traits often lead her into tumultuous situations. Trinity's perspective, which forms the backbone of her persona, offers a raw and intimate glimpse into her chaotic world.

Dixon is the protective, hot headed with his patient side limited to Trinity, yet domineering wolf. He wasn't seeking his mate, he had his own problems to deal with, but fate had other plans. When he meets Trinity during one of her performances, a volatile relationship begins. His protectiveness clashes with Trinity's stubborn independence, creating a dynamic fueled by passion.

The chemistry between Trinity and Dixon is palpable, sizzling off the pages. As danger looms closer, Dixon brings Trinity to his family farm, introducing a new setting that contrasts with the earlier chaotic club. This transition from chaos to relative peace mirrors the development in their relationship, from tumultuous to somewhat stable, though obstacles remain.

The suspense throughout the story keeps the reader on the edge, with unexpected shifts. The introduction of another supernatural character, Fyn, the witch and Trinity best friend, made the book even more fun. Moreover, the crossover characters from the other books in the series adds depth and familiarity, enriching the reading experience.

"Sunshine and Moonlight" is not just a tale of love; it's a story about fighting against fate, embracing one's true self, and the power of love in the face of adversity. For fans of paranormal romance with a hint of danger and a lot of heart, this book is a must-read. The readers are not just reading a story; they're living in it, feeling every emotion and twist along the way.

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