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The Blood of the Lion

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By C.D. McKenna.

The Blood of the Lion is the first installment of the Vorelian Saga. It tells the story of Morei, the King. Cyrus, the first dragon rider after centuries. And Syra, who has a powerful blade. The POV switches between the three, building their characters and stories.

And Boy! What a great read! Everything about this world is incredible, and the world building is not overwhelming with lots of info dump, far from it. It’s detailed and precise but enough, and it goes as the story progresses. It’s a world full of unique characters, places and mythical creatures to die for.

The book is amazing and hooks you from page one and you won’t see the passing of time. You’ll get angry, frightened, blissful, and in love. I think I’m in love with Morei! All the darkness within him, his penchant for violence, all the love he has for his kingdom and the struggles he goes through to make it thrive, also putting up with his own people, giving him a hard time. Jeez, I want him for myself!

As the story progresses, many questions are answered, but a lot more arise and I’m sure we’ll have some of the answers in book 2, The Mark of the Damned. If you are a fan of fantasy with beautifully crafted characters, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! I truly recommend The Vorelian Saga.

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