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The Bratva's Bastards. Monsters of Moscow

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Book 1 of Monters of Moscow by R&C Christiansen

WOW! What a story! The Bratva's Bastards is a beautiful love story full of gore and angst, but also laughter. It tells about the relationship between the Mikhailov brothers, two territorial mafia monsters, and Klara, a girl who suffered an awful trauma and remained catatonic for 6 years. Each brother has distinct personalities, raised by a ruthless father who honed them into blood-thirsty killing machines, but they have a strong bond, completing and understanding one another, making them powerful.

It’s all about power and revenge, morals and codes within a mob. It amazed me how well the author balanced scenes of Micah’s affection and dedication towards Klara, determined to bring her back to the world and falling in love with her while his everyday life is carnage, blood, and violence. Even Milan, the youngest brother, with his sadistic trait, falls to Klara’s charms and struggles to keep his distance. Throughout the story, Klara discovers her strength and free spirited personality, which puts her in trouble all the time, and Micah’s reactions to her antics grant the reader lots of fun and sexy times. Their romance is about dominance and submission and full of passionate moments between the two.

The truth? Be ready to fall in love with everyone in Micah’s Household, laugh with them, but also be prepared for heart-wrenching moments, lots of crazes, despicable violence and badassery! Not to mention a bombastic cliffhanger to leave you counting the days for book 2!

The book is a wild ride from beginning to end, and I truly recommend it to everyone who loves a strong love story and mafia Doms!

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