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The Call, Storm's Rising: Book 1

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Jason and Rose Bishop

This was my first fantasy book, and boy! What a ride! The Call is the first book in the series, Storm’s Rising from Legends of Cyrradon. I caught myself on the edge several times while reading the story. The book is written from an omniscient point of view, and I loved it. I felt as if I had control of what was unfolding on each page, knowing what was happening inside the characters’ head.

The adventure begins when Mea, an Elven Princess, is kidnapped, and her twin sister Dia does everything she can to bring her sister back. In her quest to rescue Mea, she stumbles across Antonio and Derek, a pair of two half-elves cousins, and also Lendil, a thief, who left his family for being disappointed in his father for becoming a drunkard. Once the four are together, their adventure begins, but what they thought was only a rescue mission, they discover their journey was much greater than that. The four must reunite The Five, a new generation of saviors, and make sure the king doesn’t become immortal.

The world building left me speechless. And if you have questions about it, there is a full glossary in the back of the book about Cyrradon World. It’s perfectly crafted, and I wonder how long it took the authors to come up with everything. The details of all places, the new races and species to the point of creating languages, and they present this universe beautifully on each page without dragging the story. The background of each character is well designed and leads to their evolution throughout their journey. I grew fond of all the characters, but Antonio and Derek won my heart. Their interaction with each other was amusing and meaningful. Aside from being cousins, they teach a lot about friendship.

It is a dense book with a lot of things happening. The pace is slower in the first chapters, but it picks up. I had a great time reading The Call. It was fun and interesting and I hardly put it down. It’s a new genre for me, and I enjoyed this epic fantasy world. If you like Fantasy, this book is for you, and if you’re willing to try something new, just like I did, this book is also for you. No regrets! The Ascension is already on my TBR box.

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