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The Curse of a Kingdom

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

By Abbey Fox.

The Curse of a Kingdom is the second book in The Wicked Kingdom series and the continuation of Nava and Ark’s story, and as a sequel it didn’t lose its zest. Abbey Fox does an excellent job with world building, transporting the readers to a place filled with action, adventure, and steamy moments that keeps you hooked the entire time.

Book 2 starts right after Arkimedes is kidnapped in Book 1, “The Curse of the Crow”. Nava doesn’t waste her time and searches for a way to bring her soulmate back, even if it means making a pact with the enemy, Devon. Together they chase after Ark, finding him with The Dark Ones, his own people, but Ark is now Orion, and he lost eleven years of memories. It’s then the twists and secrets start, but another side of Ark is revealed to Nava, and she starts to see the real Ark and how much of his dreams he gave for her.

Nava’s character developed so much throughout the stories, from not knowing who she really was to discovering her true self, and how powerful she became. The reader has the delight to follow Nava’s transformation as she struggles when she finds out about her past, dealing with her poor self-confidence while learning about her magic, her fight against the Crows, and devotion to her soulmate and her role as a beekeeper. She turns into a beautiful and strong woman, fighting against the entire world to keep her soulmate by her side.

Arkimedes/Orion is this taciturn, silent person, a man of few words, and sometimes he believes his soul is as dark as his past, but he is also loving and considerate, and he discovered he’s fit to the throne, leading his people and doing the right thing by them, mostly when he understands his father is not what he seems to be.

Nava and Ark make a perfect couple, and their moments together are full of magic and beauty, leaving the readers swooning. Their fight for their happy ending is heartwarming, full of struggles and adventure, and the ending left me dumbfounded. I’d never expected that outcome, and boy! I’m more than ready for The Curse 3.

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