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The Moon and the Apple Star

A Moonlight Series by Maxine Keith

“The Moon and the Apple’s Star” reveals the blossoming of Pearl Aster, seeking liberation from her suffocating, upper-class existence. Landing a job at Wolf Motor offers her a glimpse of freedom from her parents’ controlling grip and the stifling expectations of her elite upbringing. The rough and authentic camaraderie of the rowdy men at the bike shop stands in contrast to her sheltered life, leading her to feel a sense of belonging she’s never known. Amidst this unlikely setting, she encounters Zeek, a man whose unexpected love challenges her preconceptions.

Pearl and Zeek’s relationship defies societal norms, their differences sketching an unconventional love story. Pearl, disillusioned with her privileged but stifling life, discovers solace and genuine connection among Zeek’s leather-clad brothers. Zeek, never expecting passion as a “girlie princess,” finds himself fiercely protective of Pearl, even as they confront closely guarded family secrets.

I’ve never read such a beautiful novel where you find a fairy tale within a fairy tale. I adored it! Secondary characters like Sage, a nurturing mother hen, and Ace, the watchful alpha, add depth to the story. I loved to meet them again. Also Thane, Bigger. Blane is the cutest child ever, smart and heartwarming. Their dedication and support create a tight-knit family for Pearl in a world vastly different from her own.

The novel shows Pearl’s growth—from a sheltered girl to a woman finding her voice and asserting herself—is compelling. She walks a path of self-discovery, acceptance, and love in unexpected places.

“The Moon and the Apple Star” is enchanting and heartwarming until the last page. If you like a paranormal romance with wolves, gorgeous bikers and fairytale, you found your next read.

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