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The Reaper

Book 1 of Men in the Shadows series by Garry Michael

The Reaper is the first installment in the Men in the Shadows series, and what a great start! Reaper is an assassin unwillingly working for The Firm. His past is a mess, and he can’t cope with it. Once his sins are too much to bear, he steps in the confessional, but he doesn’t count on getting into the church and finding the new priest, Father Saint James. He’s the new parish of the church which has some dark secrets, but also fighting temptation, his sinful thoughts about the mysterious man with no name. Once Reaper sees him, he gets obsessed with the man. Little did he know, their paths would cross into unveiling secrets, uncovering sad truths, learning about trust, and the melting hot explosive chemistry between them.

The story is dark, and action packed. There’s violence, blood, and mysterious murders. You don’t know who you can trust, and the plot keeps you turning pages. I couldn’t put the book down. All the suspense that surrounds them doesn’t let you see the twists and turns coming your way, keeping you on your toes the entire time. Reaper’s obsession with Heath turns into naughty and wicked scenes, and when Heath finally falls for Archer “Reaper” their relationship heats to an incandescent point. Filthy talk, power play, even some growls and fighting.

I've been in love with Garry’s books since I read ‘From the Ashes’. They are three heartfelt stories I couldn’t get enough of. This new series ventures to the dark side of the human soul with two stunning, sexy main characters, Archer and Heath. Great secondary characters that I hope get their own stories. If you enjoy a fast-paced story with lots of action, and scorching hot, dirty, sinfully delicious steam and spicy moments, this book is for you.

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