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The True Purpose of Vines

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Book 1 in the Winemakers trylogy by Giovanna Siniscalchi.

Get ready to take a trip back in time, drinking wonderful port wine, and with amazing hosts. Mrs. Julia Costa-Ferreira and Mr. Griffin Maxwell will sweep you off your feet with their enchanting world of wine-making and sweet love. This historical romance takes place in Portugal, precisely in the Vale do Douro (Douro Valley) among lots of vineyards and superb Port wine, in the year of 1870.

Julia is a strong woman, owner of Quinta do Vesuvio, who had endured a terrible marriage, and now was fighting to keep her son’s inheritance up and floating. Her intelligence and knowledge of botany and vines, along with ideas and her impulsive nature so ahead of her time, make her a captivating package impossible for Griffin not to pay attention to his beautiful neighbor.

Griffin is an Englishman who has a past, starting over in Portugal and having a hard time adjusting to the unknown country and culture. His family is in Cidade do Porto, or Oporto in Spanish, while he’s taking care of the Quinta da Boa Vista in the Valley. He’s an arrogant businessman with a sweet side and fell head over heels for Julia.

Despite their banter in the beginning, they see themselves together to fight an unknown enemy, threatening to decimate life the way they know, and also a childhood friend who comes to stand between them with no good intentions and stirring up their romance.

The book has sometimes too many descriptive scenes, maybe because it is the first of a series, and to set the mood of the story and place. I wouldn’t mind a bit less of it since my focus was on the perfectly built characters and their sweet, bright, fresh, and strong love story, just like Port Wine. Their journey to self discovery and make peace with their secrets and pasts, and work together for a future. As a Portuguese speaker, it was a delight to read some words in my native language and a few mentions of Brazil.

I’ll definitely read the second book in the series, and I recommend that you enjoy The True Purpose of Vines with a glass of Tawny Port. You’ll have a glorious time.

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