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Book 3 of Five Family Vineyard by Kelly Kay

Uncorked: LaChappelle/ Whittier Vineyards: Book 3 is the closing story on Josh and Elle’s journey. And a lot happens in it. The story starts exactly where ‘Rootstock’ ends. The sale of the vineyards is a done deal. They discovered they had been schemed, and Asher was not really Asher. Now it’s time to fight back and save their beloved wineries, but they have to deal with pretty bad stuff from Elle being assaulted by Asher/Darren to hacker problems.

Elle’s life takes a downturn after Asher assaults her. She goes to therapy, but ends up losing herself and becomes paranoid. As a last resort, Josh sends her back to NY and pretends to bring Joshua back. Sometimes you have to go back into your old self to find your mojo again.

This story is a wild ride. It’s action packed. The five families come together to save their wineries. The parents come up with a plan, and the children execute it. Josh calls for a hacker’s help, Mel. She’s Elle’s ex employee and agrees to lend a hand.

Here you can have a peek of all of them, and their unique personalities. Sam and Jims. Bax, Tommy and Ingrid. Becca and David. Tabitha. And not only them, Sal, the mobster, Poppy and Sammy all pitch in. They are all in this, and also the parents, who are so different from one another, but all of them come together as family in a loyal friendship. Time is ticking, and they need to make sure the plan works.

The story is fast-paced, and you can’t stop reading. There is a good amount of angst and drama, but it doesn’t mean it lacks funny situations and Josh and Elle’s heavy, spicy make outs once she got herself back on track again. This trilogy is a must read if you believe in love, friendship, love wine, and like some drama and laughs. Or if you want to try something new!

I wish I could see Sam and Sammy, Sal and Poppy’s story in the future. Bax and Tabi’s story is already out, in Over a Barrel and Under a Bus. Also David’s story in Maritage. ENJOY!

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