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Wolves and Coffee

A Moonlight Series by Maxine Keith

“Wolves and Coffee” is a suspenseful yet touching story that integrates past trauma with an unexpected pathway to healing. Set against the cozy ambiance of a family-run coffee joint, the novel orbits around the interconnected lives of Kale Joeh and Blane Gibson.

Kale, haunted by a heart-wrenching past that has left her traumatized, finds comfort within the familiar confines of her family’s coffee house. Her selective mutism and PTSD don’t let her unfurl her wings and have a normal life. Enter Blane, a wolf shifter with a charming personality that radiates warmth and protectiveness. Blane’s character is an assertive yet patient figure, his presence akin to a comforting beacon in Kale’s tumultuous world. His affectionate and lovable demeanor, coupled with a deep sense of loyalty, elevates him into a fierce and endearing protagonist.

The slow-building pacing in the beginning sets the stage, sketching the complex emotions and connections between the characters. However, the story shifts, gains momentum, trapping the reader in a captivating web of suspense and emotion that left me wanting to merge in the pages and beat the crap out of the villains to save Kale.

The story is told by Kale and revolves between Kale’s family coffee shop and her brothers, but also at the Farm. Returning readers will experience a wave of nostalgia as the book reunites them with familiar characters. The presence of Ace, Thane, Sage, Zeek, and others as secondary characters is a delightful touch and Love having a peek at them, and how they turned out after many years.

I had fun reading this book. I love shifters’ novels, and when they don’t follow the overused cliches, I adore them even more. Maxine Keith, wolves and vampires, is a fresh approach to the theme, and her writing is simple yet conveys all the skin deep emotions. I recommend “Wolves and Coffee” to everyone who loves a good story! 


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