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A terrible past unites them, each with deep scars and different outcomes, but all it takes is one bizarre Fluke for love to knock on their doors and heal their wounds Forever.


All the books in this trio can be read as a standalone.

Expect: Insta-lovish, Coarse language and Triggers.

The Chaos of US

What would you do if your entire life was a living nightmare, and your only wish was to free yourself?

What if the only way to protect the one you loved was to take yourself out of the picture, for good?

Then you were no more…

After the repercussions of his trauma were under control, Drew crossed the seas. A decade goes by and on a cruise he meets the mirror image of his long-lost love, and all the demons from his past strike at him again. In the middle of the ocean, Savannah finds herself instantly connected to the handsome, tormented stranger who thinks she’s someone he knew. The car accident left only bits and pieces of her memory, but Drew wasn’t in any of them, raising many doubts and questions about her old self.


They can’t deny the scorching attraction between them, but all the ghosts and secrets from their pasts lurk in every dark corner of their hearts. Drew and Savannah will have to fight hard against the storm that approaches to discover if life has given them a second chance in love, or if it was fate, playing a sick and twisted joke on them.


The Chaos of You

coming this october

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The Chaos of Me

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