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Life is love and the path for happiness.

Humans are not aware of this realm full of enlightened, rebellious, and cursed creatures and entities, fighting for their lives in the background while they go on with their everyday chores.

It doesn't matter if you are an infamous tyrant, an unholy, or the Devil himself. Everyone deserves their happy ending.


All the books in this trilogy can be read as a standalone.

Expect: Insta-lovish, Coarse language and Triggers


He rose to power following a gruesome life that began on being kidnapped as a child. Held hostage, he learnt it was preferable to be feared over being loved. Kill or be killed, the only possible option ensuring he became his enemies’ worst nightmare.

Vlad expected everything but love from one of his bloody crusades. Her lavender eyes captivated him the moment he caught sight of them. Liz was a strong, caring woman who believed salvation was for all, even for the devil himself. But the freedom of his land and vengeance came first. His village was attacked, and Alizandra died in his arms.


When mortally wounded, he was cursed and condemned for an eternity of suffering. The only one who dared to love him would have to choose him above all else. Liz had promised him he’d never be alone, and their love would rule over death itself.

Lifetimes go by, and they meet again, but she is different. Liz tried to save him in the past, but now she needs saving. Her taste for vengeance is high. She has no place for Vlad in her agenda. Will their strong chemistry be enough for her to choose him above her own gruesome revenge?

panorama-of-aurora-borealis-with-milky-way-galaxy-over-snow-mountain-in-coastline copy_edi


panorama-of-aurora-borealis-with-milky-way-galaxy-over-snow-mountain-in-coastline copy_edi


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