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Carved in Bones

By Morgana Darkins.

Carved in Bones, this awesome book, tells the story of Bones (I won’t mention his gorgeous name), Kaede, and Madeline. They meet by chance one day, and for years he stalks her until the moment he makes himself known to her. It is then, life gets interesting and darkness falls.

The book is a ride into the darkest corners of the human soul. It talks about the most twisted desires one can crave, makes us ponder about what’s right and what’s wrong. All the ‘ifs’ in between, and all possible outcomes.

Bones and Kaede grew up together, and they have deep, horrifying raw scars, and each dealt with them their way. Madeline, after a tragedy, also tried to deal with her new life as best as she could, but not enough.

Darkins took her characters to the bowels of hell and back with mastery. Their relationship is twisted, full of ups and downs, deliciously sexy and steamy. Holding on to each other, they maintain their fragile sanity and prevent themselves from slipping into the darkness within.

OMFG! What a wild ride! I went to heaven and hell of a human soul, mind and heart, and I loved each second of my journey! I couldn’t put this book down. Carved in Bones is not for everyone, mostly if you are a trigger finicky, but if you’re not… Do yourself a favor and embark on this amazingly dark, deranged, twisted, delicious, sexy as hell trip. You’re not gonna regret it. Believe me!


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