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By T. L. Quinn

This is my second book by T.L. Quinn, and I’m ready to read the second in the series. Bitter is about Wren, a young wife betrayed by her cheating, domineering husband, and overnight finds herself a widow. Reed, the sleazeball’s brother and his polar opposite, is forever in love with Wren, and he knocks at her door to help her with the mortgage and set a path for her future, but his plans don't go as he planned when the friendship lines between them blurs.

Wren is a hot, bitter mess, trying to pull her life back together, but she’s also a determined person, and she takes chances even though fear floods her mind and heart. Reed is a sweetheart torn between his love for his sister-in-law and the loyalty to his late brother. The story is full of emotion and heartfelt struggles, whether their affair was right or wrong, keeping you hooked and cheering for the perfect outcome in their journey.

Their relationship has its trials, but it’s fun, streamy, and kinky-spicy. I laughed with them, and mostly by Reed’s antics, when Wren mercilessly teases him. Those moments were priceless. Those two are a rollercoaster of emotions, dragging you for a wild ride by their side. I truly enjoyed reading their story, and if you like a story that talks about coping, working hard to get back on your feet, getting a second chance, with scorching-hot encounters, this story is for you!

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