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Room 452

By T. L. Quinn

Fun, fun, fun and very steamy, Room 452 was a great read! Enemy to lovers to the best! The story has a bit of drama, comedy and sexiness to make you turn and turn the pages. I loved it! Two co-workers that can’t stand each other, but when they are in the same space, sparks fly between them and the temperature rises a few notches. It takes one misunderstanding, a failed hook up, and one wrong number in a Mexican resort to take their banter to the next level.

Blake is a sassy and independent woman who works at her dad’s company, but her life hasn’t been easy. Because of her mom’s alcoholism, Blake’s mother wasn’t present in her life, in and out of rehab. She was raised by her father and they had a good relationship, but she had a hard time trusting people.

Sawyer is the handsome, arrogant man who drives Blake insane with his cockiness. He is the hot shot sales guy acting up and putting a fake front on, so no one would find out about his past.

The characters are fun, and their chemistry is palpable. Their quarrel and banter with lots of sexy innuendos gets lots of laughs from the readers, but also makes their relationship hot, steamy, scorching hot, fun, and did I already say hot? With their forced proximity, they get to know one another, as their secrets and fears unveil, and it’s great to see their evolution as humans, and understanding that love is right there, in front of their eyes.

Sawyer’s secrets and Blake’s past are very interesting, and it was a pity they didn't get to be explored that much in the story, giving the characters a little more depth and the readers would get to know them even better. The scenario in the book is gorgeous, starting in a resort in Mexico to a cabin in a snowstorm to end in a gorgeous country style little house.

The story is enthralling, and you get so caught up in it that when you realize it, you’ve reached the last page. If you love scorching hot, enemies to lovers romance, you should definitely read Room 452!!!

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