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The Red Orchid Affair

By J. Étoile.

Just give me a few moments to regain my breath… The Red Orchid Affair is the first book I read and was scared to reach the end! The story is great, and as the plot unfolds, many scenarios for the couple’s outcome emerge, making me anxious and crossing my fingers for a happily ever after.

Kate is a woman who lost her zest for life. A failed marriage, a job she hates, and no expectations, until Evan, the handwork man with a shady past, she meets on the rooftop of the law firm she works for. Their encounter is not friendly, but once the workday is over, Kate glimpses him walking down the street, and something compels her to follow him and apologize for her rude behavior. Once inside the pub, they meet again, and after a couple of hours of talking, some wicked subjects, and a few drinks, they reach a kinky agreement promising to light the sheets on fire.

Kate has a short fuse, and once upset, she’d say things without thinking, and most of the time didn’t mean them. Evan is the sweetest guy ever, attentive, and the sadness in his eyes completed his shyness, making him adorable. Their relationship is sexy and full of steam, but as their crazy arrangement goes, feelings blossom, and their evolution throughout the story is palpable. The pleasure of being desired, wanted once again, gives Kate the courage to turn her life around, and Evan finds the missing spark in his life. Their story is fun, kinky and adventurous, and you never know what comes next and how it will end.

I loved Kate and Evan’s story. It was a wild ride and I cheered for them from page one till the end. This is the tale of two people who rediscover themselves in each other’s arms. Regain that zest that makes you wake up every morning and face your day. A second chance not only in love but in life. I truly recommend this read, you’re gonna enjoy it as much as I did.

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