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Over a Barrel

Book 4 of Five Family Vineyard by Kelly Kay

Over a Barrel: Stafýlia Cellars is the first part of Bax and Tabi’s story. The book was written in a fun and interesting approach. It covers the 30 years of a deep friendship and the events of one night that will lead to the second part of the story.

The friendship started when they were about five. Their parents were best friends and lived in Sonoma with other three families, working hard at their wineries. The families come from a tight relationship and the children grow up with the same tight bond as their parents.

Tabitha is a Greek brunette beauty. She’s an intelligent and spontaneous, strong-willed woman with no filter in her mouth. Bred to take over her family’s winery, but her father doesn’t accept her way of life and puts all the obstacles he can to prevent passing the business to her.

Baxter the blond hunk with a chest to die for. He wanted to live up to his mother’s dreams, be of service, help people, make a difference. He studied his entire life, made connections and decided to engage in politics.

The story goes back and forth, and the reader gets all the details of their childhood, their adventures, their discoveries and experiences throughout the years, all the unique bond between the kids growing up, especially Baxter and Tabitha. Their connection is more than words can say. It’s written in the stars. It’s such a beautiful and romantic love story.

The reader will laugh out loud with their fun relationship, but also scream at them and tell ’No! Don’t do this!’ when the fears and insecurities bash at them and wrong decisions are taken. You will swoon, get hot and bothered, in need of a cold shower, because they can’t keep their hands to each other. They’ll find and lose themselves so many times in the course of their lives, and you’ll be with them in each step of the way.

The duet was a gift, and I’m very honored to read such an amazing story. It was a page turner, and I only stopped when there were no more words to read.

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