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Under the Bus

Updated: May 26

Book 5 of Five Family Vineyard by Kelly Kay

Under the Bus: Stafýlia Cellars is the second part of Bax and Tabi’s story. It starts after Tabi stands up to her father and accepts Bax’s offer to work in his election campaign, and it’s not an easy feat for them since all the feelings for each other cultivated throughout the years get the best of them. You need to read Over A Barrel first, so you’ll get the full mind blowing story. Worth every written word!

Tabitha has a strong personality, and Bax is more to the composed, trusting kinda guy. The truly opposite attracts relationship. And boy! Their relationship is not hot. It’s a chaos of scorching, fiery hotness and fun, but also with heart wrenching moments as they try to find their way to each other amid so many twists and turns.

The story brings you the sad reality of politics and the reminder that even if you have a good heart and want to help others, you also must have a good stomach and a backbone to deal with all the dirt under the rug. There’s an enemy lurking around, putting his senate’s race at stake and keeping them apart. Sorrowful outcomes, and many times they have such a hard road ahead of them that your heart stutters, and you gasp with them.

The writing is vivid and pulls the reader inside their world, and you just keep going with Tabi and Bax on the sidelines, cheering for them, and wishing sincerely that their fierce and strong friendship, that their fascinating love story gets a well deserved happily ever after. Not only Bax and Tabi, but all the friends in the story have their ups and downs, their flaws and qualities, and they are extremely relatable. They go through circumstances and deal with them the same way you would in real life.

The book as the first in the duet was a whirlwind of emotions. I finished reading with a raw heart and a wide smile on my face. The only downside of the book is that I got so deep into their lives that I feel I made friends for life, but they live inside a story, and I want them in my living room, talking shit and drinking wine with me!

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