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Regain My Fire

By Kindra White

I’m already a fan of Kindra’s works, and Regain My Fire didn’t disappoint. WOW! There is a fire already, lots of blazing fire. This novella is part of the series Piper Falls which tells the story of the Firehouse 49 crew. 🚒🚒

After losing his husband, Kale flees from his past and finds a home at Firehouse 49, but he didn’t count on crashing into the sexy Captain Falcon and be engulfed by the flames of instalust. Kale is a broken, broody man who speaks his mind mostly when he thinks he’s right, and lives depend on his quick judgment, but he can also be sassy and witty, particularly to provoke Falcon🌶️🔥, a stunning, dominant male in charge of the Firehouse.

This novella is a quick, fun, and steamy read. Their relationship is based on power play and dom/sub role,🌈🌶️🔥 but also with time, trust, affection and care come into the mix, and we can see Kale coming out of his shell. Secrets scars Kale’s past. Some come to life and others are left in the air (on purpose). While the story unfolds, we have the chance to get to know a bit about the other crew members of the Firehouse and their world, which you can read on the other installments of the series. I definitely recommend this fiery, steamy story about second chances in a newfound home. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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